About Us

ReeBuild is a Brisbane based Building and Construction Company, Specialising in home Renovations and Low Rise Residential and Commercial Construction.

ReeBuild Started in September of 2012, where from day one we strive for the highest of quality. We are here to work with you from Start to finish, whether that is starting from “Hey I have this idea, can I do this to my home” to “we have these plans and these engineering drawings can you build this” the answer is YES!

From 2009 when Reegan graduated, Craigslea High school, he went straight into the building industry as a 4th generation carpenter and started his carpentry apprenticeship. In yet another commitment to the building and construction industry he completed his Certificate IV in Low Rise Building and Construction in 2014.

As the construction manager of Reebuild, Reegan has a very hands-on management approach with the building of all Reebuild’s projects.

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