Moorland St

The clients, Dawson and Lynn, came to us during the process of building the Violet St renovation and extension for their daughter Angela Petie. When they were looking at this property, we did an inspection with them before they bought the property. This is where their journey with us started. After a week or two of going back and forward with design concepts to renovate the existing house, the decision to knock down and build came along for a few reasons. The existing house was in a very run down state and there was a lot of work involved in trying to fix the house, the amount of extension work we were looking at doing to achieve the outcome that Dawson and Lynn were after, was huge and the outcome was still going to be restricted by the sizing of existing rooms. So the decision was made to design and build a new home to the specifications of the client’s wishes, the results of which we invite you to view on the website gallery.

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